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MCCF Programs since 2015

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Your Donations will help thousands of people

MCCF relies on donations to organize and implement community programs. We have helped nearly 50,000 people across Malaysia. 

With your contributions, MCCF can organize many more programs.

MCCF’s Core Objectives

1. Prosperity – Comfortable living, guaranteed welfare & equal opportunities for every Malaysian.

2. Unity – Living in harmony among communities from various races, heritage & religions.

3. Peace  – Build intercommunal cooperation that will strengthen safety & security.

Core Activities needing your donations 

  • Promote positive values among Youths & Members of Communities
  • Deliver knowledge that are useful to targeted communities
  • Conduct basic skills training that can improve the livelihood of participants
  • Conduct social research & share findings to relevant agencies for their actions
  • Implement welfare programs for Malaysians who are facing life’s challenges.
  • Assist migrant workers & refugees

Banking Info

for making Donations to MCCF

1. Click the yellow link below
2. Scan the 'QR CODE' with your device
3. Click the MCCF logo icon below by the donation amount

Account Holder : Malaysian Community Care Foundation

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These contribution funds are not used to fund activities under the Anti-Money Laundring, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act 2001 (AMLATFPUAA)


Why should I donate to MCCF and where does my donation go?
Your donation and contribution to MCCF is vital to help carry out Socio-Economic Development programs in the Community that are capable of Building Prosperity, Strengthening Unity and Preserving Peace.

MCCF serve to inculcate the values of prosperity, unity and peace in the community. When you donate to MCCF, you contribute to their well-being through programs that help for personal and family development. With this, the unification of hearts between communities of various races, heritages and religions so that they can live together in harmony.

As the MCCF is not funded by any party, we rely entirely on regular contributions to continue to make positive changes for communities in Malaysia. Together with your help, we can improve the lives of those in need at this time.

What happens to the MCCF donations raised?
As an intermediary for the underprivileged communities in the country, we believe that it is our responsibility to use every Ringgit Malaysian we receive from our donors wisely. Your MCCF donations go directly to our organization, including program services and engaging the public.
How is MCCF funded and how much of MCCF’s donations goes to community?
All the funding MCCF receives is provided by voluntary contributions from corporate companies, private individuals, and businesses from around the world, as world as the foundations and the general public.

For every RM1 you donate to MCCF,  about RM0.80 is used to save and change the lives of community individually or in groups. We spend about RM0.20 on policy, management, and administration.

Your contribution helps support the provision of health kits, educational assistance and basic necessities to help the survival of community members in Malaysia.

What is the importance of my donation to MCCF?
By contributing to MCCF, you really are making a difference to the lives of community and society.

With your donation,  you are working together with MCCF for the sruvival, protection and development of the community and society in Malaysia. As an established local organization, MCCF has a good systems and are able to fully utilise your donation to really help those in need in Malaysia where it is difficult to reach.